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Peanut Harvest Update

The 2013 peanut harvest is moving at a rapid pace. The open weather we have been experiencing is a big plus for picking peanuts and defoliating cotton. The peanut yield is not as high as last year, but neither is it a wash either. Keep in mind, we only had 40″-50″ of rain since May! I have spoken to a couple of the area buying points about the quality situation, they said that many grades are running between 73-76%. As I continue to check peanuts for maturity, it is obvious the peanuts are filled out to the very end. I am still blasting peanuts, so feel free to call or bring a sample by the Extension Office to check.

I visited Howard Black’s farm the other afternoon to check on his harvest progress. While I was there, I took several pictures and a few action videos. Howard and Peter Mack (main tractor operator) were working hard trying to finish the day.

howard's tractor

Howard is about to dismount from the tractor to check things out.


peter mack

Peter Mack, main peanut inverter operator, takes a minute for a quick snapshot.

Here are a few video clips I took of Howard’s peanut harvest operation. Enjoy!