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Corn Disease Update

Southern Corn Rust has been found in Georgia!  According to Dr. Kemerait, and Dr. Noland, Southern Corn Rust has been spotted in Mitchell and Tift County. Southern Corn Rust infects the leaves making the plant incapable of producing sugars through photosynthesis, which reduces yield potential.  It will also drain the stalks of strength…
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Soil Moisture in Cover Crops

UGA Extension Agricultural Water Efficiency Team has partnered with Trellis to conduct a soil moisture and irrigation program – the goal for this project is to help local growers learn ways to conserve water and apply water more effectively as well as efficiently. Last year Burke County Participated in the…
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Know Your Stink Bugs

Over the last week, Redbanded Stink Bugs have been reported in soybeans across the state.  On June 19th multiple Redbanded Stink Bugs were observed during Scout School hosted at the Southeastern Research and Education Center in Midville.  According to UGA Entomologist, Dr. Phillip Roberts, Redbanded Stink Bugs cause more damage than…
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