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Soil Moisture in Cover Crops

UGA Extension Agricultural Water Efficiency Team has partnered with Trellis to conduct a soil moisture and irrigation program – the goal for this project is to help local growers learn ways to conserve water and apply water more effectively as well as efficiently.

Last year Burke County Participated in the AgWet Cotton Program.  This year we are excited to not only continue our efforts as part of the Cotton Program, but also the AgWet Peanut Program as well as incorporate soil moisture sensors in a Long Term Cover Crop Study located at the Southeast Research and Education Center in Midville, GA.  Trellis has worked with Burke, Jefferson and Jenkins County agents to install moisture sensors in the trial where a grain corn crop has been planted. According to UGA research, the utilization of cover crops provides growers with numerous benefits.  A couple of benefits from incorporating cover crops in your management practices include, but are not limited to, increasing water infiltration and storage and minimizing short-term droughts.

Below is a link to the Trellis Dashboard where you can follow the forecast, rainfall history and moisture levels of each sensor throughout the plot.

Trellis Dashboard – Cover Crop Soil Moisture Sensors

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Soil Moisture Sensor Cover Crop Program
379 Conventional
333 Rye
375 Rye
503 Rye, Clover
624 Mix Cover
433 Mix Cover
583 Rye, Clover
611 Rye
594 Conventional
439 Rye, Clover
601 Mix Cover
447 Conventional