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Georgia Weather Network, Peanut TSWV Index and Peanut Rx Cards

Information in this edition should be helpful as we enter the last week of April and are determining when to begin planting cotton and peanuts. Hopefully, all of you will get this needed rain tomorrow and night time temperatures will not drop too low as planting begins.

Please click HERE to view the 2022 Peanut Rx and to calculate your TSWV Risk Index. Click on Resources and then Choose a Management Plan to view the Rx Card.

I know many of you use the Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network for local weather information. There are many stations located throughout the state for you to receive information – Statesboro has a station. Choose which station is nearest you and then select the data from that station you are interested in obtaining. Click here to go to the Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network homepage. Each station monitors air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature at 2, 4, and 8 inch depths, atmospheric pressure, and soil moisture. Data are summarized at 15 minute intervals and at midnight a daily summary is calculated.