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Syngenta’s New Gramoxone 3SL (paraquat) Formulation

Dr. Eric Prostko has provided information in regard to the new Gramoxone 3SL label. Please read the information he provided below, so you can do what is needed on your farm to adhere to the label changes.

Syngenta recently received a label for their new formulation of paraquat sold under the trade name of Gramoxone 3SL (3 lb ai/gal).  The rules regarding the purchase, handling, and application of paraquat are changing.  Most notably, all non-bulk paraquat products (with new labels) must adhere to closed-system packaging requirements set forth by the EPA’s Paraquat Dichloride Human Health Mitigation Decision by November 2020. All paraquat applicators are required to complete an EPA-approved training module before applying.

In my recent discussions with both Syngenta and AMVAC field personnel, there will still be some of the older labeled paraquat formulations (2SL and 3SL) in the marketplace for 2020 but these will disappear when supplies are exhausted.  Thus, growers need to be very aware of the label requirements of the container(s) they have in their possession.

A couple of quick links for you to review (required online training module is listed in number 3 – be sure to print out the Certificate of Completion):

1) New Gramoxone 3SL label:

2) Current bulk handling systems already meet the new closed-system packaging requirements.  A video of the new closed system for 2.5 gallon containers can be viewed here:

3) EPA-Approved Paraquat Training Information: