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Annual bluegrass: a prolific weed

Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) is a cool-season, annual grass that spreads by seed. Annual bluegrass has a tufted habit with a bright green leaf color and fine texture. Annual bluegrass seed germinates in late summer/early fall once soil temperatures fall below 70° F. Seedlings grow and mature in fall, overwinter in…
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Ouch! There are “stickers” in the yard!

LAWN BURWEED – IT’S A STICKY PROBLEM Tim R. Murphy – Retired Extension Weed Scientist, The University of Georgia The weed in question is most commonly lawn burweed (Soliva pterosperma), a.k.a. spurweed, stickerweed, sandbur, sanbur and sandspur. Lawn burweed is a winter annual member of the Aster family. The weed germinates…
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Timing is key to a beautiful lawn

Proper timing of fertilization, weed and pest control, as well as mowing height and lawn maintenance are key to establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn.  These management guidelines are specific to what type of turf grass that is growing in the lawn.  To help make timely decisions UGA Extension has…
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Time to treat lawns for winter weeds

By Clint Thompson University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Now is the time for Georgia homeowners to treat their lawns for weeds, according to a member of the world-renowned University of Georgia Turfgrass Team. Waiting for a weed to become a problem before applying adequate control is…
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Cottony weed invades lawns

Tim R. Murphy, Retired Extension Weed Scientist It seems that all of a sudden, numerous lawns in Georgia are turning white. Well it is not snow, nor is it left over cotton from last fall. The “cottony” appearance is due to the presence of a weed named facelis (Facelis retusa)….
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“Rattlesnake weed” causes lawn owners headaches

Florida betony (Stachys floridana) (also called rattlesnake weed and hedge nettle) is a problem weed in both turfgrasses and ornamentals. Florida betony is a “winter” perennial and, like most plants in the mint (Labiatae) family, has a square stem with opposite leaves. Flowers are usually pink and have the classic mint-like structure….
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