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Managing Squash Vine Borer

The squash vine borer is a troublesome pest of squash in Georgia. Unfortunately, it is usually noticed only after it has done its damage. Symptoms appear in mid summer when a long runner or an entire plant wilts suddenly. Infested vines usually die beyond the point of attack.  Sawdust like frass near…
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Fire blight on pear trees

Fire blight, caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora, is a common and frequently destructive disease of pome fruit trees and related plants. The first symptoms of fire blight occur in early spring, when temperatures are above 60 °F and the weather is rainy or humid. Infected flowers turn black and die….
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Vegetable Garden Tips and Planting Chart

With temperatures warming up steadily, its time to start laying out and planting this years vegetable garden.  Here are a few tips to remember when planning and planting: Select a site that receives at least 8 to 10 hours of sunlight a day. Select a location that is conveniently located…
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Caring for Indoor House Plants

A good rule of thumb for keeping your house plants healthy is to try to match the same environment from which they originated.  You may not be able to match every criteria for your house plant, but every small step  you take to ensure the plants comfort will be a giant step…
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Fall Vegetable Gardening

As summer’s crops begin to wane in their production and look more and more ragged, the urge for many gardeners is to begin to clean up and put away their gardening tools. Luckily, this is a good time to heed that urge. UGA’s Vegetable Planting Chart, which includes names of many vegetable…
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Protecting Pollinators

Most people who are active in caring for their lawns and landscaped plants are aware of and are concerned about the decline of insect pollinators, such as certain types of bees and butterflies, that has occurred over the past couple of decades.  Reasons for the diminishing numbers of honey bees…
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It’s International Composting Awareness Week!

The U.S. Compost Council has set May 1-7 as Compost Awareness Week. International Compost Awareness Week is an annual multi-media publicity and education campaign that showcases composting and compost products, from backyards to large-scale composting facilities. Gardeners have used compost for centuries to increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical…
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Understanding Seed Catalogs

It is that wonderful time of the year when the seed catalogs have arrives in the mail. Filled with striking images of good things to come, as you read the catalogs you may run across words that are unfamiliar. They are used to help readers make good decisions and buy…
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