Bulloch County Extension

Caring for Indoor House Plants

A good rule of thumb for keeping your house plants healthy is to try to match the same environment from which they originated.  You may not be able to match every criteria for your house plant, but every small step  you take to ensure the plants comfort will be a giant step…
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Protecting Pollinators

Most people who are active in caring for their lawns and landscaped plants are aware of and are concerned about the decline of insect pollinators, such as certain types of bees and butterflies, that has occurred over the past couple of decades.  Reasons for the diminishing numbers of honey bees…
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Understanding Seed Catalogs

It is that wonderful time of the year when the seed catalogs have arrives in the mail. Filled with striking images of good things to come, as you read the catalogs you may run across words that are unfamiliar. They are used to help readers make good decisions and buy…
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Poinsettia Care

By Merritt Melancon University of Georgia Despite their limited, two-month run on retailers’ shelves each year, poinsettias are the best-selling potted plant in the United States. Growers sold more than 34.6 million plants in 2014 alone. But that popularity doesn’t always translate into longevity. Come February or March, many of…
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Not too late for fall gardening chores

When the weather cools off and the leaves begin to fall, its an excellent time to get outdoors and do a little gardening.  UGA Extension has put together a compilation of fall gardening publications to give you some great ideas for projects.  Plant some cold tolerant pansies for fall color…
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Prolong the life of Poinsettias

The colorful bracts of poinsettias may stay bright for months if you care for them properly. Bright, indirect light and frequent watering are essential. Don’t allow the plants to wilt, but watering too often can damage roots. Poinsettias thrive on indirect, natural daylight — at least six hours a day….
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