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Protect Ornamentals from Cold Temperatures

Sego Palm Freeze

During a freeze, ice forms within the plant’s cells, the plant tissue dies, and leaves or stems become brownish-black and mushy.

November 2014 was one of the top five coldest Novembers on record for many weather stations across Georgia.  The three-month outlook for December through February continues to show the signs of an El Nino, which will bring cooler and wetter conditions to south Georgia through the winter months.  Cold damage to ornamental plants can be a problem during the winter in the Georgia landscape.  Cold injury can occur on all parts of the plant including fruit, stems, leaves, trunk and roots.   Several factors including local weather conditions, plant selection, and maintenance practices during the growing season, can affect the timing and extent of cold acclimation of landscape plants.  To learn more about protecting plants from cold damage what preventative measures you can take read Winter Protection of Ornamental Plants.