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Can we make our own Masks at home?

At the beginning of this coronavirus outbreak the CDC was recommending for people to use masks only if they were having any symptoms such as cough and or fever, but recently an article published by the CDC on April 4th, 2020 states that since the number of people infected has drastically increased, and people are not even aware that they are carrying the virus they are recommending to DIY (do it yourself) your own face mask if leaving the house for essentials.

Things such as hand sanitizer and face masks are so necessary to have that they are sold out everywhere. People are now finding ways to make their own at home. The CDC recommends using simple items that you can find at home like T-shirts, bandanas and coffee filters. A step by step tutorial in English and Spanish is also found on this CDC website

When making these masks at home the CDC recommends not using these masks if you have breathing issues or for children under the age of 2. In addition, it is important to remember to sanitize the mask frequently by using warm water and soap or putting it in the washer machine.  The world has gotten to a point where anything is better than nothing when it comes to trying to stay safe and virus free. These masks are recommended if the others are not available. Remember to leave the N-95 mask (a mask with a filter that prevents the inhalation of airborne particles) for the healthcare worker since they are exposed every day and there is a nationwide shortage.

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