Berrien County Crop Circles

Finding the Answers to the Unknown

Whiteflies in Cotton

Recently over the past week I have seen a small amount of whiteflies in cotton. This is a little earlier than we expect, but with the prolonged dry weather we should expect anything. The main concern with this situation is the use of Bidrin when spraying for stink bugs. Bidrin…
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Lesser Cornstalk Borer in Peanut

Lesser cornstalk borer is generally not a pressing problem in peanuts but it definitely can be. Recently LCB has been found in one area of the county in a wide range across dryland fields. LCB is adapted to dry climates and can thrive under these conditions where other pest might…
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Army Worms Causing Problems in Cotton

A field has been found in Berrien Co where armyworm pressure is substantial on Bt cotton. This is not a common situation, but the weather gives this pest optimal performance. Generally this pest is transferred from pigweed which is found prevalent in most fields. Here is some words from Dr….
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Crop Irrigation Schedules

Berrien county among other counties are suffering from the minimal rainfall we have had over the last month. In times of dry weather as well as normal rainfall, scheduling irrigation for high yields can be very useful in possibly producing high yields. Many of us overlook the actual importance of…
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PGR Recommendations for Cotton

It’s that time of year and the cotton is growing! Nitrogen has been side dressed and many of the acreage is getting rain which has provided us with good soil moisture. Below is a flow chart provided by the University of Georgia to help determine PGR rates with height to…
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White Mold in Peanuts

White mold was found in Berrien County yesterday on peanut. This was not a severe case, nor had it actually infected the crown of the peanut plant, but it is evidence that the pathogen Sclerotia rolfsii, which causes white mold, is thriving in the environment we have now. This does…
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Southern Corn Rust Confirmed in Berrien County

Be aware that Southern Rust was found today in Berrien Co. I would predict that it is widespread throughout the county at this point as it has been found in surrounding counties previously. Everyone should be making a fungicide application around tassel stage, but still aggressively scouting their field. For…
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Lesser Cornstalk Borer

Something to consider in future plantings of various crops. Typically “burning off” a field of small gain prior to planting another crop (which is not a very common practice but sometimes implemented) lesser cornstalk borer pose to be more of a threat. Reason being because LCB moths are attracted to…
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When PRE Herbicides Are Not Applied

This is just a good reminder of the “positive” advantage of herbicide such as Reflex, Warrant, or Diuron can give you for control of glyphosate- resistant Palmer Amaranth in cotton. Residual herbicides are critical when controlling a weed species as aggressive as Palmer Amaranth. This particular field had no preemergent…
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