Berrien County Crop Circles

Finding the Answers to the Unknown

Cotton Disease Update

I have found the first Target Spot this year in Berrien County as of Friday. This was not severe enough to spray for, but much of our cotton is beginning to canopy especially in our irrigated fields. Be on the lookout for this disease in your cotton, but remember this…
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Whiteflies in Cotton

Recently over the past week I have seen a small amount of whiteflies in cotton. This is a little earlier than we expect, but with the prolonged dry weather we should expect anything. The main concern with this situation is the use of Bidrin when spraying for stink bugs. Bidrin…
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Crop Irrigation Schedules

Berrien county among other counties are suffering from the minimal rainfall we have had over the last month. In times of dry weather as well as normal rainfall, scheduling irrigation for high yields can be very useful in possibly producing high yields. Many of us overlook the actual importance of…
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PGR Recommendations for Cotton

It’s that time of year and the cotton is growing! Nitrogen has been side dressed and many of the acreage is getting rain which has provided us with good soil moisture. Below is a flow chart provided by the University of Georgia to help determine PGR rates with height to…
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