Berrien County Crop Circles

Finding the Answers to the Unknown

Berrien County Corn Meeting Dec. 5th at NOON

There will be a Corn Meeting scheduled at the Berrien County Extension Office at noon on Friday Dec. 5th. This meeting will be in cooperation with Berrien County Young Farmers. Please call the Berrien County Extension Office to reserve a spot! Extension office #- 229-686-5431 Other counties are welcome!
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Stored Grain Protectants

There have been many questions regarding stored grain insecticides. Here are some words from UGA Entomologist Dr. Michael Toews: Grain protectants, insecticides labeled for application to raw grain, are intended to prevent stored grain insect infestations as opposed to treating existing infestations. These products should not be applied before sending…
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Crop Irrigation Schedules

Berrien county among other counties are suffering from the minimal rainfall we have had over the last month. In times of dry weather as well as normal rainfall, scheduling irrigation for high yields can be very useful in possibly producing high yields. Many of us overlook the actual importance of…
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Corn Disease Update

Disease is a prevalent problem of corn in Berrien county. With rainy, wet weather disease can progress more aggressively than in a normal year. This was witnessed last year with multiple pathogens and their significance of effecting yield and quality. As I have been riding around the county I have…
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