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White Mold Becoming More Prevalent in Peanut

In the last three weeks white mold incidence has been very significant in a majority of the peanuts I’ve looked at. Most of these fields have been on a tight two week rotation with fungicide applications. Although fungicides are very effective, and to produce high yields we must use them, there are other factors to keep in mind when controlling this very aggressive pathogen. For instance, applying a fungicide without an adequate amount of coverage is useless. Ways to tweak your program is to add more GPA (gallons of water per acre) for better coverage. 15 GPA is a good rate for better coverage in most situations. With more aggressive vine growth a higher rate of water is also useful. Remember the fungicide needs to be flooded to the bottom of the canopy around the crown of the peanut plant, where the disease is prevalent. Also keep in mind UGA research has proven that night time applications have shown more efficacy, which correlates directly with the amount of coverage achieved. Peanut leaves fold up during the night providing open access to the crown and soil.