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Finding the Answers to the Unknown

Lesser Cornstalk Borer

Lesser Cornstalk Borer was a serious problem this past year in peanuts and it looks that it could POTENTIALLY be an issue this year. I have indeed found one field where this pest is thriving so far. LCB is adapted to dry climates and can thrive under these conditions where other pests might not, so theoretically you are more likely to find them in a dryland situation. I would encourage every single grower to scout their field for lessers considering the field that was discovered yesterday. Symptoms are wilted plants in small to large patches in the field. These “patches” can be found easier in the afternoon where plants have wilted somewhat from the heat of the day. Generally a small hole can be found at the bottom of the root system/crown or even in newly formed pegs or peanuts. When lesser corn stalk borers are disturbed they move very frantically. Please call for recommendations for this pest. New research suggests there could be new valid options of control.