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Leaf Rust Identified on Wheat in Berrien County

rust2 Leaf rust was confirmed in a wheat field in Berrien County today.This particular disease is the most economically damaging because of the drastic effect it can have on yield and its sporadic ability to infect when conditions are favorable. Recommendations for controlling most diseases including leaf rust is to spray at flag leaf, which is the most important physical part of the plant because it contributes most to the grain production. With a serious infection of rust at this point it is highly unlikely that a fungicide application would help tremendously, but at the least it couldn’t hurt. Most wheat is now at a stage where spraying a fungicide is not needed because of growth stage.Those who have not made a fungicide application should possibly ponder on whether to do so as this disease is disseminated by wind. (Which we have had a great amount of) For protective purposes, depending on what stage your wheat is, contact me for a decision on whether a fungicide should be warranted on your wheat crop. For more information on leaf rust please visit