Berrien County Crop Circles

Finding the Answers to the Unknown

Peanut Maturity

As the temperatures reach a cooler perspective, peanut maturity also reaches a stopping point. Generally a rule of thumb determining if peanuts have reached their stopping point in maturity terms is when low temperatures reach the high forties for at least 3 consecutive days. In Berrien County, Georgia we have reached that point as…
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Lesser Cornstalk Borer

Lesser Cornstalk Borer was a serious problem this past year in peanuts and it looks that it could POTENTIALLY be an issue this year. I have indeed found one field where this pest is thriving so far. LCB is adapted to dry climates and can thrive under these conditions where…
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Tobacco Target Spot

As of today target spot (rhizoctonia solani) has been observed as being very aggressive in tobacco fields in Berrien County. Target spot starts in the lower canopy and moves up the plant. Lesions appear as concentric rings and vary from small to large depending on time of infection. Not every field…
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Disease Management in Watermelons

Disease management in watermelons is very critical to commercial production in Georgia. Watermelons are notorious for acquiring a plethora of diseases including anthracnose, alternaria, gummy stem blight, downy mildew, and fusarium wilt to just name a few. Presently, many diseases that we normally see typically later in the season are very…
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Exobasidium in Blueberry

There were reports of significant Exobasidium leaf spots showing up on leaves of ‘Star’ last week, and rabbiteye varieties are starting to show symptoms as well.  Just an FYI as you are out and about looking at blueberries with your producers, as you may see this disease starting to develop….
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