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A few things from the field:

  1. ‘Cracking’ sprays- many of you might not need one of these if your preemergent herbicides got activation and your peanut field is clean. If that is the case you might consider waiting until 30 to 40 days after planting and doing an earlier post program of Cadre + 2,4 DB + a preemergent like Dual.

However, for those of you who are making cracking sprays here are some rates and a few reminders:

  • Gramoxone 2lb jug: 12 oz     OR     Gramoxone 3lb jug: 8 oz
  • Basagran 4SL: 8 oz       OR     Storm 4SL: 16 oz
  • Anthem Flex 4SE: 3 oz    OR    Dual Magnum  7.62EC: 16 oz    OR    Outlook 6EC: 12.8 oz    OR    Warrant 3ME: 48 oz    OR    Zidua 85WG: 1.5 oz    OR    Zidua 4.17SC: 2.5 oz
    • Growers wanting to make their own storm the rates are: Basagran 4SL: 8 oz    plus    Ultra Blazer 2SL: 16 oz 
    • No additional adjuvants are necessary if Dual Magnum or Outlook are in the mix.
    • Not a huge fan of using Gramoxone + Dual Magnum or other group 15 herbicides without basagran or storm to cool the mix down
    • We recommend getting a cracking spray with paraquat in before 28 days after cracking, otherwise yield loss can occur.
  1. A few calls about crown rot from the field, though not in huge amounts. This disease is caused by the Aspergillus fungus and has black sooty mold on the plant at the soil line (See attached photo). Thrives in dry hot conditions. Nothing we can do about this disease after the furrow is closed
  1. We are monitoring for Southern Corn Rust in several counties in the state. To date we have not found any. I will keep you updated, as this disease is very aggressive.
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