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Late-Season Weed Woes (Prostko)

A few things to consider based upon my texts/e-mails/telephone calls over the last few days or so: 

1) Field corn growers should be reminded that post-harvest (if it ever stops raining in some locations) is a great time of the year to get a handle on Benghal dayflower/tropical spiderwort.  Herbicides of choice include Gramoxone (paraquat), Aim (carfentrazone) and/or 2,4-D.  Check out page 74 of the 2022 UGA Pest Control Handbook for more info and peruse this old poster (click on pics to get a better/clearer view).


2) My preferred pre-harvest treatment for late-season morningglories and other junk in field corn is a combination of Roundup (glyphosate) + Aim (carfentrazone).  Check out page 73 of the 2022 UGA Pest Control Handbook.  This combination will not magically remove running morningglory plants from the field but it will dry them out enough to facilitate an easier harvest.


3) Peanut growers can also use Aim for late-season morningglory dessication about 7 days prior to digging.  Check out page 224 of the 2022 UGA Pest Control Handbook.  Remember, Aim is not very effective on smallflower morningglory and will cause some cosmetic (i.e. non-yield robbing) peanut leaf injury.


4) Here is yet another example of the awesome power of an activated PRE herbicide from my field plots earlier today.  At 20 DAT, excellent control of Palmer amaranth with all formulations of flumioxazin.

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