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Hot and hotter.  5:20 AM and my air conditioner is running.  I’m not the only one awake now.  Who else is awake? White mold and Southern corn rust are awake. They never sleep.  I guarantee the warm night temperatures now  and  the humidity are fueling them. I can almost hear them.  Be prepared. 

It’s going to be hot today. It’s going to be hot tomorrow and for the rest of this week and next week. It may be hot forever for all I know.  That’s why UGA has Pam Knox. Not only can she tell you how long it is going to be hot, but also why it is hot.  All I can tell you is that “hot and hotter” coupled with high humidity, scattered showers, and irrigation adds up to more white mold in our peanuts and more southern rust in our corn.

My advice is that peanut growers be aggressive in fighting white mold this year.  When this disease is killing some cotton in GA and I saw a picture of white mold on corn in FL, you KNOW it is a big year for white mold

Corn growers as well must remain vigilant for southern corn rust. Hopefully it is too blank hot for tar spot.

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