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Georgia Grain News  6-3-22


We are seeing a lot in corn fields this week. Corn is tasseling and silking and some of the oldest is at the end of pollination, and it looks pretty well pollinated in most cases. Blister stage (R2) marks the end of pollination and we quickly thereafter enter the Milk stage (R3).  

Stink bug numbers are on the increase and with Southern rust being found in Georgia this early in the season, many growers are spraying fungicides and insecticides once the corn tassels, see below article concerning stinkbugs and Dr. Buntin’s info in the Corn guide and Pest management handbook and Dr. Kemerait’s info in Corn Guide, Pest Management handbook and his communications. Corn next to small grains needs to be closely watched for stinkbugs.

Purple Leaf Sheath is common to see but really not a problem, blotch usually has a tan interior and purplish margin. Thought to have to do with pollen caught under plant parts. Can make you think of stalk rots but cut into the area to see that decay doesn’t go into or come from the stalk.

Here’s a link to my old blog post concerning it https://seminolecropnews.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/purple-leaf-sheath/

Thrips are still causing whitish leaf areas especially at field edges, sometimes small necrotic areas too but not a real concern.

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