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May 2022

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  • “Cracking” Time Again on Peanuts (Prostko) Many peanut growers are in the field right now making “cracking” applications of paraquat (whether they really need it or not?).  I always get tons of questions about product use rates.  Check out these pictures from earlier today.  These are rates I have been testing for years and they […]

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  • by Bob Kemerait Rain for many growers is, as Luke Bryan says, “is a good thing” for growing a crop, but the combination of rain, warm temperatures, and corn approaching tassel does raise the ante for some important diseases. As of this morning, I don’t know of ANY soybean rust or southern corn rust in […]

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  • Tracking the Bermudagrass Stem Maggot I am starting to work with our Center for Invasive Species to report/track the BSM population during the summer. Anyone can make a report of the sighting by clicking the first link and filling out a simple form. This can also be done with the EDDMapS app, but the website […]

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