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Mixing Order of Pesticides is Important (Prostko)

This is a friendly reminder to all young and old extension agents that the tank-mixing order/sequence of pesticides is very important.  I discussed this topic in a previous UGA Weed Science Blog (Tank-Mixing – April 4, 2018) so check that one out so I do not have to reinvent the wheel.   

Got a call from a industry tech rep today about some mixing problems with Roundup PowerMax3 and Zidua SC.  You can see in the slide below that when the Roundup was put in the plastic bottle first followed by the Zidua, that some problems (i.e. the formation of precipitates that could gum up a sprayer) occurred immediately but did not do so when the Zidua was mixed in the bottle first.  This simple demonstration was conducted using 1500 mls of water (0.396 gallons) so just imagine the potential mess in an 800 gallon sprayer.  This problem could have been easily avoided by reading page 13 of the Zidua SC label (https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/agrian-cg-fs1-production/pdfs/ZiduaR_SC1t_herbicide_Label.pdf).

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