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Tough Conversations

Jason Duggin – Extension Specialist The topic of cow size could lead to some tough conversations on our operations. Cow inputs account for most of an operation’s expenses on a per head basis. With that in mind, this article will take look at cow weights and how they might affect…
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A Basic Approach to Winter Supplementation of the Beef Cow Herd

Dr. Francine Henry – Beef Cattle Nutritionist Winter supplementation of energy and protein are crucial to maximize the herd’s performance. Fall-calving herds are typically near peak lactation this time of the year meaning that cows are at their greatest nutrient requirements. In this article, Dr. Francine Henry discusses important concepts…
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Nutritional Considerations Going into Calving

Lawton Stewart, Extension Animal Scientist, UGA Roger Gates, Whitfield County Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent, UGA Cooperative Extension This year has proved to be quite an interesting one.  Most producers were able to put up plenty of hay.  However, due to average to above average rainfall, a large proportion of…
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