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Do Tannins Have a Place in Beef Production

Andrea Osorio-Doblado and Dr. Darren D. Henry Tannins can be perceived as “antinutritional factors” in ruminant diets. However, when they are provided from low to medium concentrations (< 50 g/kg DM), tannins can improve utilization of feed protein and positively influence animal performance. This short article provides an overview of…
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Tough Conversations

Jason Duggin – Extension Specialist The topic of cow size could lead to some tough conversations on our operations. Cow inputs account for most of an operation’s expenses on a per head basis. With that in mind, this article will take look at cow weights and how they might affect…
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Distillers grains offers supplementation options for beef cattle producers

Across most of Georgia, most producers have experiencing ample rain and plenty of forage, therefore, winter supplementation is far from their thoughts.  However, now is a great time to start planning ahead.  Typically, three large factors taken into consideration when selecting a supplement are convenience, cost, and nutrients supplied.  Often…
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