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In Defense of Animal Agriculture

Dr. Francis Fluharty, Professor and Head – There are a lot of misconceptions about animal agriculture and its impact on environmental sustainability and food security. This really nice article by Dr. Francis Fluharty provides an overview of some of these misconceptions and highlights the importance of animal agriculture.
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GGAA 2022 Conference Summary

Darren Henry, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor – This article provides a summary of the International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference held this summer in Orlando Florida. This conference is a venue for scientist and industry leaders to present data and discuss current developments in greenhouse gas emission in livestock…
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The Hot Air Around Methane

Dr. Darren Henry – Beef cattle nutritionist It is not difficult to find somebody talking about methane these days. Simply turn on the TV, open your computers to your news affiliate of choice, or log into most any social media platform. Everyone has an opinion about CH4, and that is…
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