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Pedro Fontes

  • Lawton Stewart, Ph.D., Beef Cattle Nutritionist and Extension Specialist – Most of Georgia, and especially parts of North Georgia, have suffered through some level of drought this summer.  The extended drought in many parts of the state have a double whammy effect on producers because not only do they not have pastures to graze this…

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  • Pedro Fontes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Beef Extension Specialist – Cattle producers commonly evaluate reproductive performance by determining how many cows became pregnant during the breeding season. Although pregnancy rates are important, when females become pregnant within the breeding season is also a key component of cow-calf profitability. In this short article, Dr. Fontes discusses…

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  • Justin Burt, Ph.D. Candidate Jennifer Tucker, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Beef Extension Specialist Crabgrass can be found volunteering throughout most of Georgia, it is adaptable to many soil types and environments, establishes relatively easily, is highly palatable to cattle, somewhat drought tolerant, and has a prolific reseeding ability. This article discusses how cattle producers in…

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  • Dr. Lisa Baxter, Assistant Professor and UGA Forage Extension Specialist Since it was first discovered in South Georgia in the summer of 2010, the bermudagrass stem maggot has severely damaged bermudagrass pastures and hayfields throughout the Southeast US. In this article, Dr. Lisa Baxter discusses how to find and control for bermudagrass stem maggot.

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  • The Cheapest Mineral Isn’t Really Cheap

    Dr. Francis Fluharty. Professor and Head. Department of Animal and Dairy Science. The major nutritional requirements are: water, energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins. In many cases, beef producers do a good job of providing adequate water, energy, and protein. However, many beef producers buy ‘cheap’ minerals, ignoring the fact that the bioavailability of minerals influences…

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  • Data That Delivers

    Jason Duggin. Beef Cattle Specialist. University of Georgia Genetic testing and parentage information are standards in the purebred seedstock industry. Commercial operations are rapidly evolving in that direction as well. In this article, Jason Duggin discusses how commercial producers can use genetic testing to improve cow-calf productivity.

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