Bacon County Ag Update

Bacon County Mummy Berry and Blueberry bud stages

The Blueberry Spray Guide recommends to start spraying at green tip on leaf buds or 1-5% open bloom (stage 6) occurs on the flower buds, and continue until all blooms have fallen. As you can see below many of our varieties now fall within these criteria. Rabbiteye varieties are entering…
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More on Mummy Berry

I wanted to provide everyone with a bit more information regarding Mummy Berry infections.  Typically, mummy berry risk in our area is closely related to the timing of leaf and flower emergence in rabbiteye blueberries in South Georgia. Dr. Scherm’s mummy berry prediction model is running a month ahead compared to the last five years. Many of…
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Mummy Berry Model

Dr. Harald Scherm has run the mummy germination model up to Jan. 17. Assuming good soil moisture it seems that the risk of infection of leaf and flower buds are high at susceptible stages. Potential mummy germination 1-18-2017
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