Bacon County Ag Update

Cotton Policy Update

The following is a cotton policy update from Don Shurley: Background and Summary of Recent Cotton Policy Developments   Don Shurley Cotton Economist/Professor Emeritus of Cotton Economics   Under the 2014 farm bill, cotton is not a “covered commodity” and not eligible for the ARC and PLC programs.  Cotton’s “safety…
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Cotton Growth and PGR applications

Heading into the third week in July, cotton is growing quickly with the recent rainfall. It will soon be time many of you are making decisions on PGR applications. The chart below should help you will timing of applications. Since chance of rain continue to be high and popup showers…
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Cotton Marketing News– May 26, 2015

New crop Dec15 futures hover just above 64 cents today.  This is a continuation of the slide that began last week.  Since peaking at just under 67 cents back on the 15th, new crop prices have lost 2.74 cents/lb.  For the fourth time, prices hit that ceiling at 66 to 67 cents and just can’t muster enough to break through.  With today’s action, we also now sit at that important “trend of increasing support” line.  So, this week could become a test—the 62 to 67-cent range will likely hold but will the uptrend of increasing lows of support also hold and if so, will be market begin another “recovery”?  With the ceiling at 67 cents seemingly pretty firm and with the “uptrend of lows” if it holds, the price range is tightening.
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