Bacon County Ag Update

Blueberry update

Last week I visited several fields of Southern Highbush that had Botrytis Blossom and/or fruit rot.  Most of these fields had only received one or two fungicides applications for mummy berry (DMI (Indar, Quash, Orbit + Captan). With more rain predicted tomorrow fields that have Botrytis infections currently or have received minimal sprays may be at higher risk for…
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Bacon County Mummy Berry and Blueberry bud stages

The Blueberry Spray Guide recommends to start spraying at green tip on leaf buds or 1-5% open bloom (stage 6) occurs on the flower buds, and continue until all blooms have fallen. As you can see below many of our varieties now fall within these criteria. Rabbiteye varieties are entering…
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Chilli Thrips in Blueberries

Possible Chilli Thrips have been found in Georgia Highbush fields. Specimens are being sent to Dr. Sial for conformation. Chilli Thrip infestations can cause leaf curling and bronzing. Chilli Thrips can go from egg to adult in 10-15 days. Monitor weekly and implement a spray program if 5% of the field has injury…
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