Bacon County Ag Update

Blueberry update

Last week I visited several fields of Southern Highbush that had Botrytis Blossom and/or fruit rot.  Most of these fields had only received one or two fungicides applications for mummy berry (DMI (Indar, Quash, Orbit + Captan). With more rain predicted tomorrow fields that have Botrytis infections currently or have received minimal sprays may be at higher risk for…
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Asian Soybean Rust-Southeast Georgia

Dr. Bob Kemerait just informed us that Asian Soybean Rust has been found in a sentinel plot at the Southeast Georiga Research and Education Center in Midville. His recommendation is to treat beans younger than R1 (flowering) through R4 (full pod development) with fungicide. Don’t hesitate to call if you…
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Georgia Citrus Scouting

Most of our groves are to young to be commercially productive, so sprays may be less intensive, but some may be necessary. Jake Price doesn’t mention the Asian Citrus Psyllid as a pest to scout for. Dr. Phil Brannen says the insect can be found in Coastal Georgia Counties now. Based on…
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I have had several discussions today regarding what actions are merited in light of last night’s freeze event.  The damage that we sustained last night coupled with the previous warm temperatures put blueberry plants in a high risk situation for fungal infections.   Conditions will be prefect for the next several days for Botrytis sporulation and rain…
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