Bacon County Ag Update

Blueberry update

Botrytis Photo Credit Shane Curry

Last week I visited several fields of Southern Highbush that had Botrytis Blossom and/or fruit rot.  Most of these fields had only received one or two fungicides applications for mummy berry (DMI (Indar, Quash, Orbit + Captan). With more rain predicted tomorrow fields that have Botrytis infections currently or have received minimal sprays may be at higher risk for a botrytis outbreak.   For these high risk ( currently infected or minimal sprays) highbush fields consider switch to a fungicide with greater Botrytis efficacy than Captan (rated Fair in 2018 Southeast Regional Blueberry Integrated Management Guide) aka Spray  Guide.  Pristine, Switch, Elevate and Captevate are rated Excellent in the Southeast Management Guide and should provide better control of Botrytis. Pristine is the only one that will give mummy berry control in addition to botrytis.

Flower Thrips can be found in Highbush and Rabbiteye flowers in low numbers. I am finding 0-5 thrips per flower cluster.  We are not near a treatment threshold, but numbers will increase as bloom progresses.