Bacon County Ag Update

Bacon County Mummy Berry and Blueberry bud stages

The Blueberry Spray Guide recommends to start spraying at green tip on leaf buds or 1-5% open bloom (stage 6) occurs on the flower buds, and continue until all blooms have fallen. As you can see below many of our varieties now fall within these criteria.

Rabbiteye varieties are entering susceptible stages for mummy berry.


In Bacon County on 02/14/2018

Austin- Stage 6 (flowers) and stage 5

Brightwell – Greentip on lead leaf shoots

Premier- Greentip


This seasons’ chill hours combined with current weather conditions are ideal for mummy berry disease development.

Below is a statement from Dr. Oliver and it has been made in the past by Dr. Brannen many times also.

“Regarding southern highbush varieties, if the leaf tissue is at green tip or early emergence, it can be infected with mummy berry as well.  Prior work in Georgia has not confirmed mummy berry on southern highbush varieties in Georgia, since most of the time southern highbush varieties here escape the initial infections due to earlier plant development.  However, some highbush varieties elsewhere in the southeast can be severely affected, and if the correct environmental conditions occur on southern highbush varieties in Georgia, it should be assumed that these can likely develop mummy berry as well.”

You can call me at the Bacon County Extension office if you need any assistance with recommendations.