Bacon County Ag Update

Current Row Crop Disease Issues

Row Crops

Weather conditions are absolutely perfect now for white mold and leaf spot diseases of peanut, and bacterial blight of cotton, and also for diseases of soybeans to include soybean rust and frogeye leaf spot (which we are seeing more of these days).


Why are conditions perfect?  We are coming off days where many fields received rain and where the crops/inner leaves of the canopy remained wet well into the day.  We have had, and continue to have, periods of high humidity.  We have very warm temperatures.  And rain is back in the forecast next week.  Disease development requires the pathogen (check), the susceptible host (check) and favorable environment (check).  Diseases are already present in the field; without adequate protection, they could explode.


  1.  PEANUT:  white mold (stem rot) and leaf spot diseases are developing.  Growers should be aggressive with appropriate fungicide programs.  Now is not the time to watch and wait.  Rainfall will create favorable conditions for diseases of peanut, but timely rainfall will also help to move the fungicides from the leaves of the plant to the crown of the plant for better coverage.  I would like to have 8-12 hours of drying time before a rain or irrigation event.  If such occurs earlier, we can discuss what should be done to insure adequate protection.
  2. COTTON:   BACTERIAL BLIGHT is also developing quickly in some places, especially in more susceptible varieties in our County Variety Trials.  There is little that can be done now to manage the disease, but we will  have a better idea what to plant for next year.
  3. SOYBEANS:  I am receiving an increasing number of reports of frogeye leaf spot on soybeans this year; weather conditions are perfect for it.  Timing of fungicide applications are the same as for soybean rust- i.e., beginning between R1 bloom and R3 early pod set.  The most effective treatments are likely to be a fungicide product that combines multiple modes of action.