Bacon County Ag Update

Cotton Marketing News

lume 15, No. 7 May 30, 2017 As we proceed to complete planting and get fully into the growing season, growers will be looking for and accessing marketing opportunities to price or in some fashion take protection on some portion of expected production. I believe some growers are already quite…
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Herbicide Drift on Pecans

May 18, 2017 | Written by Lenny Wells Well, since May has come around again, the annual calls on herbicide drift have been pouring in. Row crop fields are being burnt down in the wind and drift has been the main call to my phone for the last 2 weeks. This is…
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Blue-Green Alage

Blue-green algae is a common algae that grows in many ponds, lakes, and other water sources throughout the world. Under certain conditions, such as drought or high phosphorous and nitrogen in the water, these algae can reproduce at an alarming rate creating an “algal bloom” from which several issues can arise….
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Monitor your field moisture levels

You may need to increase your irrigation frequency or application rate. I am thinking of several of the blueberry fields that I have visited in the last several days, but this information applies to anything else you are trying to grow. Our daytime temperatures are rising as we head into summer, couple this…
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