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Georgia Citrus Scouting

Most of our groves are to young to be commercially productive, so sprays may be less intensive, but some may be necessary. Jake Price doesn’t mention the Asian Citrus Psyllid as a pest to scout for. Dr. Phil Brannen says the insect can be found in Coastal Georgia Counties now. Based on Florida’s experience our best defense against Citrus Greening may be to begin prophylactic insecticide applications targeted at the Asian Citrus Psyllid in our young groves.

Hello citrus growers.

by Jake Price 

I have had questions on thrips and leaf footed bugs in citrus.   Many blooms have a noticeable number of thrips in them.    There are many different kinds of thrips and from info I have gathered from citrus agents and entomologists in Florida, the main one to be concerned about is called a citrus thrip because they can cause some scarring on fruit.    The thrip photos I have had identified do not appear to be citrus thrips so recommendations I have received indicate that no treatment is needed.   


A second insect I have been seeing is the leaf footed bug or what many call “stink bugs”.   They can damage fruit and cause them to drop from the tree.  Now they are feeding on young blooms and shoots.   I see these insects on a variety of things from muscadines, cotton, soybeans, peaches, plums, and blueberries, etc.   They tend to congregate on certain trees.   In general, I do not think these are a major pest of Florida citrus but they look like they will be a problem in satsumas because they damage fruit.   Again thoughts are no control is needed at this time unless you just have them throughout your grove.     If needed you may want to treat certain trees where they tend to congregate. 


Leaf miners are starting to emerge.   Usually our first flush is safe from leaf miners but they can be a problem at the end of the first flush and every flush thereafter.    If you had frost damage and your trees are flushing again, you may want to go ahead and make a treatment.  Imidacloprid drenches last about two months.   Micromite and Ari-Mek are also labeled to control leaf miners if you are having issues with mites as well.    If you do make a foliar application of anything, try to wait until all your blooms are gone as to protect the bees.