Bacon County Ag Update

Georgia Citrus Scouting

Most of our groves are to young to be commercially productive, so sprays may be less intensive, but some may be necessary. Jake Price doesn’t mention the Asian Citrus Psyllid as a pest to scout for. Dr. Phil Brannen says the insect can be found in Coastal Georgia Counties now. Based on…
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Tobacco thrips Monitoring: March 30-April 13

Tobacco thrips numbers declined at five of our six trapping locations last week. This does not mean that thrips flights are over or that peanuts are safe from injury. Thrips dispersal is still occurring, and seedling peanuts emerging over the next couple of weeks will be exposed to adult thrips…
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Cotton Marketing News April

Volume 15, No. 5 April 11, 2017 Sponsored by Exports Get Another Revision Upward USDA’s monthly supply and demand estimates were released today. As expected, US cotton exports for the 2016 crop year (which ends July 31) were increased. Exports are now projected to total 14 million bales. This is…
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The Problem with Late Stuart Pecaon Budbreak

If you have spent any time in pecan orchards in Georgia over the last couple of weeks you have noticed budbreak progressing on most varieties with one particularly notable exception. At this point Stuart is further behind most other major varieties than I have ever seen it. Why is this?…
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