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Ag Safety Awareness Week – Animal space

This is day 2 of Ag Safety Awareness Week and the topic of the day is Animal spaces. I will be concentrating on Cattle Handling. Here are some tips when working with Cattle:


– Cattle are herding animals (as are sheep and goats). Consequently they have separation anxiety when separated from the herd. This  can make them frightened, agitated and/or aggressive. Take care when separating cattle. Serious injuries can occur with isolated livestock.

–  Try to allow cattle to remain in visual contact with one another.

–  Allow cattle to follow the leader and do not rush them

– Groups of animals that are in body contact can remain calmer

– A wild cow is usually tamer with a docile cow

– Utilize the balance point to move cattle around. Try to avoid any electrical shock prods. Instead use flags on the end of a stick to move cattle.

– Use corrals that are designed for good flow through of cattle. Minimal distractions and curved chutes help reduce stress.

– Avoid loud or novel noises

– Cattle will point their ears towards things that concern them. Watcvh animals to see where distractions are occurring

– Use low-pitched sounds to calm animals


Here are some tips for handlers:


– Wear Steel toed boots

– Avoid or minimize equipment likely to cause cuts or abrasions

– Wash injuries immediately with water and cover wound

– Wash Hands and exposed skin before eating drinking or smoking


Common Problems to Avoid:


– Overcrowding pens

– Substandard Facilities

– Using incorrect aids or using aids incorrectly

– Incorrect position and/or number of handlers

– Handling of bulls, freshly calved cows and isolated animals



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