Bacon County Ag Update

It’s already time for crabgrass and dogfennel

I have seen crabgrass sprouting and dogfennel greening up this week! Our warm winter temperatures have sped up our timeline for pre emergence herbicide applications to our fields. Crabgrass and other annual grasses will begin to germinate when soil temperatures are above 55° our 2 inch soil temperatures have been above this level daily since February 1. This means annual grass weeds are already emerging and broadleaf weeds will not be far behind. If you have not applied a pre emergence herbicide to your orchard crop, pasture or lawn, now is the time to do so. It should be fairly easy to control most of these small weeds with our typical tank mixes used in our orchard crops, but our pastures and lawns may need post emergent herbicides to control the weeds that have already emerged.

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