Bacon County Ag Update

Managed Grazing

This is an Article from Progressive Farmer. It is a good illustration of how a change in pasture management can really effect forage production and supplementation. Progressive Farmer — April 2016 Micromanaged Grazing Becky Mills, Contributor A forage system doesn’t have to be big to be effective. James and Barbara Strickland…
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Fungicides for Rust Treatment in Blueberry

This year we evaluated some of our most commonly used fungicides for efficacy on rust. Our DMI’s work well and are still a good choice for rust control. This is the first year we have test Proline in Georgia. It provide the highest level of control in this study.  …
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Cattle Handling and Reproductive Management field day

The UGA Beef team is offering the 1st Annual Heifer Evaluation and Reproductive Development Field Day to be held at the Alapaha Beef Unit in Alapaha, GA on Wednesday, 31-August, 2016.  This program will focus on beef cattle reproductive management and handling. As part of the program you will become certified…
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