Bacon County Ag Update

Marginal Leaf Scorch- Farthing

Marginal Leaf Scorch Photo courtesy of Joe Slusher, UGA

Marginal Leaf Scorch Photo courtesy of Joe Slusher, UGA

We have had several reports of Marginal leaf Scorch on Farthing this year. Several of the samples have tested positive for Xylella.

Below are some comments from UFL on Farthing and Meadowlark regarding Xylella.

Dr. Jim Olmstead, University of  Florida, has indicated that he does not consider Farthing to have issues with bacterial leaf scorch.  However, he thinks Meadowlark has issues. Xylella might be more chronic in Farthing, but they might collapse over time and under stress

Phil Harmon (Univ. of Florida).  Here in FL the Farthing does not get leaf scorch symptoms. I’d consider it quite tolerant.  Meadowlark has consistently had issues with Xylella across the state, and I’d currently consider it just about as susceptible as Star.  I do agree that the bacterium is adapting and cultivar responses do change, so I wouldn’t doubt FL-GA differences existing and continuing to change.

If you have any Farthing or Meadowlark plants that exhibit symptoms, let me know.