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Latest climate outlook shows El Niño effects continuing through spring

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The Climate Prediction Center put out their latest outlooks for February and the rest of the year today.  They show that cooler and wetter conditions than normal should continue to dominate the weather of the Southeast for at least February through April.  A

fter that, there is no indication of any trends in precipitation for the Southeast, but temperatures through the summer are expected to be above normal based on long-term trends.  I did not include the precip map for August through October because there was no color on the map, indicating there is no predictable trend.  I still expect that we will see a La Niña develop, which may cause dry conditions later this summer, but that is far off in the future.

feb 2016 temp outlook  feb 16 precip outlook

fma 16 temp outlookfma 16 precip outlook

mam 15 temp outlook  mam 16 precip outlook

aso 16 temp outlook