Bacon County Ag Update

How to customize which post you receive

I try to share as much information on major agronomic crops as possible through Bacon Ag Update. I do realize that many of you focus on one or only a handful of crops. If you would rather receive updates on specific categories your interested in follow the steps below to customize your…
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Blueberry Disease Management Strategy

It seems that we are being confronted almost every year with new diseases or resistance issues. I am including all three of UGA’s spray strategies for disease in this post.   Standard Recommendation. Can be used on fields with no risk of Exobasidium   Use this guide when there is a…
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2016 Blueberry Spray Guide

As many of you are aware the 2016 Blueberry Spray Guide is not yet available. Fortunately, there are not many changes for 2016. Included is a link to the 2015 version or you can stop by our office if you would like a copy printed for you. 2015BlueberrySprayGuide
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