Bacon County Ag Update


  I have gotten a lot of calls with either pond weeds or fish kills in the last several days. Fish Kills: Environmental conditions have been ideal for fish kills for several weeks. Most have been caused by nighttime oxygen depletion. These kills usually occur in the early morning hours….
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Peanut maturity testing:

The Bacon County Extension Office will offer Peanut maturity testing this year. Bring a 32 ounce sample that represents each field to the Bacon County Extension office and I will be glad to maturity test them for you. Just call my cell 912-387-5560 or the office to schedule an appointment….
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The “Bud Box” and Double Alley Design for Cattle Pens

The name “Bud Box” comes from Bud Williams, best known for his methods for teaching low stress livestock handling through stockmanship schools he hosted all over the country. The “Bud Box” uses cattle’s natural instincts and trained stockman in the pens either on foot or on horseback with open slates that allow more light and more interaction with the person handling the cattle.  Dr. Grandins systems have been installed in virtually every cattle slaughter plant that have employees with limited training in cattle handling.  With more highly trained employees, many ranches and feedyards are opting for the “Bud Box” system because they can actually work cattle through their facilities with less effort and fewer people.  Both system designs have the same goal of reducing stress on cattle as they work through processing facilities.
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