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Bermuda Stem Maggot


Bermuda stem maggot

I have seen some evidence of Bermuda Stem Maggot in the last couple of weeks. Historically, early July is when populations reach a high enough threshold to cause significant damage.

If fields are showing evidence of Bermuda Stem Maggot damage at the time of harvest, they should be treated with an insecticide. Be sure to regularly scout fields that you have cutting in the last several weeks. If this fields show evidence of infestation, we may need to discuss your options. Bermudagrass does not grow well after larvae has damaged the stems.

Treating fields prophylactically is not recommended at this time. This insect has a very short life cycle. The time it takes to reproduce varies from 12 days to 3 weeks. Since we only use one class of insecticides resistance can build very quickly.

If you would like more information on Bermuda Stem Maggot. Follow the link or call my office.