Bacon County Ag Update

Peanut Entomology Update

Here is what is being seen by Mark Abney, UGA Peanut entomologist around the state. As I ride around South Georgia visiting research plots, I am seeing areas that have had good rainfall recently and some areas that are quickly getting dry. Insect pressure is variable around the state right now. We…
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Flea Beetle Control in Blueberries

I have gotten several questions lately about options for flea beetle control in blueberry plantings. A lot of clients ask about using Mustang Max for Flea beetle control. While it is a good product and has been recommended in some past Southeast Regional Blueberry Integrated Management Guide, it is not a recommended…
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Now is the time to Pecan leaf sample

Lenny Wells, UGA Pecan specialist says now is the time for pecan leaf tissue sampling. Below is the proper way to collect your leaves for analysis. Collect 50- 100 middle-pair of leaflets from the middle leaf of this year’s growth (See figure above). Use terminal shoots exposed to the sun. Avoid twigs from the…
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Bermuda Stem Maggot

  I have seen some evidence of Bermuda Stem Maggot in the last couple of weeks. Historically, early July is when populations reach a high enough threshold to cause significant damage. If fields are showing evidence of Bermuda Stem Maggot damage at the time of harvest, they should be treated…
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