Bacon County Ag Update

Calculating 2014 PLC Peanut Payment Rate

This was written by Bill Tyson, Bulloch County Extension Agent.  It is a short article that should help you determine the possible peanut payments for the 2014 peanut crop. There has been a lot of questions recently concerning possible peanut payments for the 2014 peanut crop. The Marketing Year Average (MYA)…
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Blueberry rust alert

Below is an excerpt from Phil Brannen.    Rust has been diagnosed in Bacon County this year. We are currently receiving field reports of blueberry rust, likely as a result of the recent heavy rainfall observed in many blueberry production areas.  I have had one confirmed report; it is a good…
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Peanut Planting Recommendations

The beginning of the planting season is just a few weeks away. There are many things to consider and get ready before first seed goes in the ground. One of the first questions I expect you get in the counties is “how early can I plant?” So what do you do when soil temperatures are in the high 60’s in the first part of April and growers are asking about planting? Just Say No!   Please keep your seed in the bag until the latter part of April.   There is no need to be in a hurry to plant Peanuts.
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USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REEP)

There are some Energy Efficiency Grant funds available through the USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REEP). This program is available to increase the energy efficiency Irrigation pumps, Poultry Houses, and Dairy farms. Irrigation Pumps- Used to convert from diesel to electric. Possibly it could be used to upgrade to more…
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Cotton Marketing News April

Don Shurley, UGA Extension, says that old and new crop prices are improving.  Follow the link for information on USDA’s production and supply/demand numbers, world stocks and strategies for pricing 2015 cotton crop. Click here for Cotton Marketing News link CMN04092015
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