Bacon County Ag Update

Fungicide Programs for Pecan Scab

Here is a post from Andy Shirley ANR Agent Mitchell County

Year after year pecan scab maintains the most costly disease in pecan production in the state of Georgia. Currently UGA’s fungicide programs are centered around scab management and changed if other diseases become an issue. The scab pathogen infects both the foliage and fruit, so season long protection is a must. This calls for a disease spray program. Scab and other pecan diseases MUST be controlled in a preventive manner. Sprays will have little effect on  infections already in the orchard.

UGA calls for applications on a 10-14 day interval from bud break until pollination. This is the period of rapid leaf growth, where young tissue is most susceptible. A 14-21 interval is given from pollination to shell hardening. In wet year, like last year, a 10 day interval may be appropriate in orchard with a history of severe scab. This schedule can and should be adjusted based on weather, variety, orchard history, etc.

It’s always wise to scout your orchards for diseases and insects throughout the season;

1. Monitor your spray program

2. ID new diseases/insects

3. Observe possible disease resistance

4. Evaluate the coverage/efficiency of your spray equipment.

here is link to a possible spray schedule: