Bacon County Ag Update

Warrant + Valor For Weed Control in Peanuts

Here are some comments from Dr. Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Specialist, about the combination of Warrant and Valor for pre-emerge weed control in peanut: “As I sit in my office watching yet another rain event (April 29), I am wondering why most GA growers seem to have a passion/obsession for…
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Quick Reference Guide for SWD Spraying

Here is a quick reference guide for SWD spraying developed by Dr. Horton and Dr. Ash Sial. It is important to delay resistance to these products by rotating between chemical classes. All the products are color coded based on their chemical class (IRAC #), rotate between colors, and refrain from spraying products in the same color…
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Cotton Irrigation App Helps Farmers Manage Water Usage

Check out this article from the University of Georgia website talking about a new smartphone app developed by University of Georgia and University of Florida researchers which will help cotton farmers save one of nature’s most precious resources… water. This app is free to download on your iphone or android phone….
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Exobasidium Leafspot Confirmed in Ongoing Farm Trials and Blueberry Farm

As of yesterday Renee Holland and I confirmed the Exobasidium leafspot at the Blueberry Research Farm and at the three current farm trial sites. Exobasidium leafspot and fruitspot is a fungal disease caused by a newly identified species Exobasidium maculosum infecting both rabbiteye and highbush blueberries. Although confirmed reports of the disease have been scattered,…
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Recap of the 2014 Mummy Berry Epidemic

Here is an article written by Dr. Brannen and Dr. Scherm recapping the 2014 mummy berry epidemic.  The article discusses the progression of the disease over this growing season. Also current management practices and other possible control measures were brought up. Recap of the 2014 Mummy Berry Epidemic
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Fungicide Programs for Pecan Scab

Here is a post from Andy Shirley ANR Agent Mitchell County Year after year pecan scab maintains the most costly disease in pecan production in the state of Georgia. Currently UGA’s fungicide programs are centered around scab management and changed if other diseases become an issue. The scab pathogen infects both the foliage and fruit,…
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