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Articles in this month’s issue include:

  1. What is Behind the Recent Cotton Futures Market Plunge? (Yangxuan Liu)
  2. Calibration Considerations for Liquid Fertilizer Applications (Simer Virk)
  3. Abiotic Stress in Cotton (John Snider, Ved Parkash, Gurpreet Virk, Camp Hand)
  4. July Weather and Climate Outlook (Pam Knox)
  5. July Mid-Season Cotton Irrigation Considerations (Jason Mallard, David Hall, Wesley Porter)
  6. Staying In-Tune with the Cotton Crop: The PGR Decision (Camp Hand)
  7. Foliar Disease Considerations (Bob Kemerait)
  8. Stinkbug Management (Phillip Roberts)
  9. The Situation is very Serious with Diuron (Stanley Culpepper)
  10. Goosegrass… Is it Kicking Your Butt??? (Stanley Culpepper)
  11. Nutsedge, morningglory, spiderwort, and grasses Continue to Gain Ground in Many Cotton Fields!
    (Stanley Culpepper)

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